Blueprints4salons the wholesalers and distributors of Innoluxe, KeraStraight, Neal & Wolf, Silky, Kent Salon brushes, Procare and Directions Professional hair products wholesale


Shape Pliable Paste • Form Sculpting Lotion • Ritual Daily Shampoo • Ritual Daily Conditioner

Elysian Refresh Hand Wash • Elevate Volumising Lotion • Uplift Volmising Mist

Harmony Intensive Cate Shampoo • Harmony Intensive Treatment • Instant Gloss Shine

Blonde Conditioner (also Vegan)

Mens 01 Style Cream • Mens 02 Create Mattifying Paste • Mens 03 Define Moulding Clay

Mens 04 Design Pomade (also Vegan) • Mens 05 Shape Pliable Paste • Mens 06 Form Sculpting Lotion

Mens Nourishing Treatment • Mens 3 in 1 Complete 

Neal & Wolf Mens are all gluten free. Pomade is also vegan though as others contain Lanolin or Beeswax which is Animal derived.

It must be noted that gluten would only cause a problem to a coeliac if eaten. It can not be absorbed through the skin.