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Smoothing Cream • Step by Step guide

Step one

Shampoo hair twice with cleansing shampoo, lathering for 1-2 minutes to remove any residue           from the hair and roots and to open up the cuticle.

Do NOT use conditioner. • For virgin hair, shampoo thoroughly three times.

Rinse well, comb the hair ans then rough dry the hair completely.

Step two

Put on gloves. • Pour 20-50ml into a bowl.

Section the hair into four and sparingly spread the product with the silicon brush, beginning at the nape of the neck.

Spread at a distance of 1.5cm from the scalp and then comb hair downward with a fine toothed comb to remove any excess product.

Complete the back sections and finish with the sides.

Step Three

Leave on hair for 30-40 minutes, and then blow dry on a medium heat setting.

Rough/wrap dry excess product and smooth through with a paddle or ceramic brush.

Step Four

Devide the hair into four sections. • Begin at the nape and work with small sections of 2.5cm

Iron each section 7-8 times (depending on hair texture) with Titanium Irons at a tempreture setting of 210-230˚C.

Note: If the hair is bleached or damaged or porous, reduce the heat to 180-200˚C.

Each section of hair can be gone over until the desired level of shine and smoothness are achieved. 

Complete this process over the whole head.


If the hair feels dry to touch, add a small amount of 72 Hair Repairing Oil mid length to ends to add moisture until hair is washed.

Depending on desired effect then: Wash out after 24 hours to eliminate frizz but keep curl and wave or Wash out after 72 hours for a straighter look.

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