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INNOluxe’s new collaborative (and stand alone) treatment rebuilds the inner structure of the hair, reinforcing, rebuilding and strengthening the hair inside and out. INNOluxe creates amazing freedom, providing stylists and colourists with an additional creative solution to achieve even more striking results for their clients with the reassurance that the hair will be stronger after the process.

For years, hairdressers have been limited in their use of bleach and colour but now INNOluxe, using the latest protein technology, has created a unique set of treatments which work in combination with other hair products for all types of hair and hair colour to ensure greater flexibility and a wider range of healthier, stronger looks.

This is a major breakthrough within the hairdressing industry.

INNOluxe delivers:

  • freedom to achieve more, faster

  • strength & repair for all clients during all services

  • amazing results your clients will love and come back for

  • the ability to cross-sell to clients, boosting profit potential

  • a full spectrum of colours that last longer

  • the edge over your rivals with a revolutionary new product

INNOluxe works with:

  • all colour brands

  • all hair services

  • all clients


Like all colouring products, it’s important you observe precise measurements when applying this product to ensure the maximum benefits are derived (and to deliver the maximum effectiveness for your client’s hair).